ICDIA CD-i software archive

At the New International CD-i Association, we maintain the world's largest archive of CD-i software titles, consisting of around 1,000 discs. These titles are used for demonstration, user support and compatibility testing.

On this section of the site, you will find the complete online database of the ICDIA CD-i software archive. You may use this information for reference purposes. The software in this list is not available for rent, lend, copying or other means of distribution.

Although the ICDIA also maintains an archive of Video-CD discs, they are not contained here in this listing. Please note that this database only lists titles that are part of the ICDIA archive, it is by no means a complete listing of all released CD-i titles.

For information about the usage of this list and the meaning of its contents, refer to the help page.

  • Games (124)
  • Kids (87)
  • Reference (119)
  • Music (64)
  • Movies (8)

  • Professional CD-i titles (398)

  • CD-i demo discs (89)
  • CD-i authoring (22)

  • Photo-CD (39)
  • CD-BGM (53)
  • CD+Graphics (3)
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