CD-i Abbreviations

Here is an overview of abbreviations that are related to CD-i, CD-i development, MPEG, optical disc technology and OS-9 that you may come across. Most of them a CD-i specific, others are common in the IT or consumer electronics industry. Note that some of these terms are registered trademarks.

Please contact me if you have any additions.

ACIRC Advanced Cross Interleave Reed Solomon Code
AIFF Audio Interchange File Format
AIM American Interactive Media
AMS Auto Music Scan
ANSI American National Standardization Institute
API Application Programming Interface
APU Audio Processing Unit
ASCF Application Specific Coding Flag
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
BER Bit Error Rate
BIOS Basic Input/Output System
BMS Background Music Services (or System)
BRR Bit Rate Reduction
CARIN Car Information and Navigation
CAV Constant Angular Velocity
CBT Computer Based Training
CD Compact Disc
CDCU Compact Disc Control Unit
CDD Compact Disc Drive
CD-DA Compact Disc Digital Audio
CD-DV Compact Disc Digital Video
CD-E Compact Disc Eresable
CDFM Compact Disc File Manager
CD+G Compact Disc + Graphics
CD-i Compact Disc Interactive
CD-R Compact Disc Recordable
CD-ROM Compact Disc Read Only Memory
CD-ROM/XA Compact Disc Read Only Memory eXtended Architecture
CD-RTOS Compact Disc RealTime Operating System
CD-RW Compact Disc ReWritable
CDTV Commodore Dynamic Total Vision
CDV CD Video
CD-WO Compact Disc Write Once
CIRC Cross Interleave Reed Solomon Code
CLUT Color Look Up Table
CLV Constant Linguar Velocity
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check
CSD Configuration Status Discriptor
CSPS Constrained System Parameter Stream
CVBS Composite Video Broadcast Signal
D2B Domestic Digital Bus
DAT Digital Audio Tape
DAVID Digital Audio Video Interactive Decoder
DCP Display Control Program
DCT Discrete Cosine Transform
DMS Denshi Media Services
DO Digital Out
DOR Digital Optical Recording
DPCM Delta Pulse Code Modulation
DSD in CD-i: Device Status Descriptor, in SACD: Direct Stream Digital
DSP Digital Signal Processing
DV Digital Video
DVC Digital Video Cartridge
DVD Digital Versitile Disc
DVI Digital Video Interactive
EB Electronic Book
ECC Error Correction Code
EDC Error Detection Code
EFM Eight to Fourteen Modulation
EOF End Of File
EOR End Of Record
FAT File Allocation Table
FFGB Full Functional Green Book
FMV Full Motion Video
FPS Favourite Picture Selection
FSFMV Full Screen Full Motion Video
FSVD File Structure Volume Discriptor
FTS Favourite Track Selection
GF Goloia Field
HDTV High Definition Television
IFF Interchange File Format
ILV Interactive LaserVision
ILVAS Interactive LaserVision Authoring System
IMS Interactive Media Systems
IR Infra Red
ISRC International Standard Recording Code
IV Interactive Video
IXP Information Exchange Protocol
JEIDA Japan Electronics Industry Development Association
JIM Japan Interactive Media
Laser Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LBN Logical Block Number
LD Laser Disc
LSB Least Significant Bit
LV LaserVision
LV-ROM LaserVision Read Only Memory
MD MiniDisc
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MM Multimedia
MMC Multimedia Controller
MOD Magneto Optical Disc
MPDC Motorola Philips Design Centre
MPEG Moving Pictures Expert Group
MSB Most Significant Bit
MUSE Multiple Subniquist Encoding
NMS New Media Systems
NRF NV-RAM Filemanager
NTSC National Television Standards Committee
NV-RAM Non-volatile Random Access Memory
OCDIS Official CD-I Studio
OMS Optical Media Systems
OR Optical Recording
OS Operating System
OS-9 Operating System 9
PAL Phase Alteration Line
PASC Precission Adaptive Subband Coding
PCD Photo CD
PCL Play Control List
PCM Pulse Code Modulation
PDO Philips and Dupont Optical Company
PIMA Philips Interactive Media of America
PIME Philips Interactive Media Europe
POI Point Of Information
POP Point Of Purchase
POS Point Of Sale
QHY Quantisized High Y
RC Remote Control
RGB Red Green Blue
RLE Run Lenght Encoding
ROM Ready Only Memory
RS Remote Signal
RTCA Real Time Control Area
RTOS Real Time Operating System
RTR Real Time Record
RTRI Real Time Record Interpretor
SACD Super Audio CD
SAT Stanford Archivement Test
SCMS Single Copy Management System
SCR System Clock Reference
SCSI Small Computer Standard Interface
Secam Systeme Electronique Couleurs a Memoire
STD System Target Decoder
SVCD Super Video CD
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
TOC Table Of Contents
TS Time Stamp
UCM User Communications Manager
VBV Video Buffering Verifier
VCD Video CD
VDP Video Display Processor
VDSQ Video Data Sequence
VIS Video Information System
VT Video Terminal
WORM Write Once Read Many times

This list was compiled by Jorg Kennis. Please do not reproduce this list without prior notice.

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