OS-9 vs. Unix commands

This table lists the most common Unix/Linux commands with their OS-9 counterpart. OS-9 is the operating system on which CD-i's operating environment CD-RTOS was based. An OS-9 command shell is also used in CD-i development.

Unix/Linux  OS-9        Description
lsdirOverview of files in a directory
rmdelErase files
cpcopyCopy files
catlistList files
cdchdChange data directory
mkdirmakdirCreate new directory
rmdirdeldirRemove directory
pwdpdShow current data directory
jobsprocsShow active processes
killkillKill active process
fgw/waitSelect active process
chmodattrChange file attributes and access rights
sz/rz/rxkermitSend and receive files
ededtVery limited line-based editor
vi/picoumacsExtended full-screen editor
manhelpDisplays information about a command
setsetSet environment variables
.profile.loginProcedure file that is executed at login
logoutlogoutClose active user shell

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