Brochures - CD-i authoring software

On this page, you will find several scans of brochures published by Philips Media related to CD-i authoring software in Portable Document Format, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print them.

Please note that the addresses mentioned in these brochures are not valid anymore.

  • Balboa Runtime Environment

    Download balboa.pdf (PDF, 2 pages)

  • HAL90 - Dedicated PC based CD-I development package

    Download hal90.pdf (PDF, 2 pages)

  • Image and Audio conversion utilities

    Download conversion.pdf (PDF, 2 pages)

  • Video-CD on CD-i release 4.1

    Download vcdcdi41.pdf (PDF, 3 pages)

  • Video-CD 2.0 Toolkit

    Download vcd2tk.pdf (PDF, 4 pages)

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