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Windows based audio and video conversion utility and database, designed primarily for CD-i title development. Accepts and generates wide variety of video and audio formats. Application notes and articles.

CD-i Plugins for Adobe Photoshop
Mac and Windows Plugins which allow CD-i still video conversions directly within Adobe Photoshop.

Audio Stack
Macintosh based audio conversion utility, designed exclusively for CD-i title development. Accepts AIFF or the original Sound Designer II® formats. Application notes and articles.

Animation Stack
Macintosh based moving-video conversion utility, designed exclusivly for CD-i title development. Accepts Quicktime and PICS resources and generates either DYUV movie or Run Length animation type files. Application notes and articles.

Sun/UNIX Audio & Video Conversion Utilites
A suite of audio and still video conversion utilites that run on Sun 3, Sun 4 and Sparc machines. All are command line utilities. Application notes and articles.

Accepts either MPEG multiplexed (.mmd) or real-time (.rtf) files and manufacures a compact disc image file. The file can be recorded to a CD-R disc. The file or CD-R is used during MediaMogul title development to view MPEG assets. ImageMaker is available on OS-9, Macintosh and Windows platforms. Application notes and articles.

Windows utility for creating PRL type fonts for use in MediaMogul and Balboa CD-i applications.

Macintosh based utility to convert AIFF or Sound Designer II® PCM files into MPEG elementary audio streams.

Entry Point & Scan List Utilites
Information on making and using MPEG entry point and scan lists.

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