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Authoring Products - Books

Book - CD-I Designer's Guide
Practical advice for designers and publishers, examples and case histories of titles developed, and technical descriptions of CD-i discs, players, and development techniques.

Book - Discovering CD
This book is divided into three sections: Getting into CD-i provides a general overview and background of CD-i, A Technical Perspective discusses CD-i from a technical viewpoint, Making the Decision discusses the economic and development concerns. Plus Appendices.

Set of the complete CD-i specification, including Digital Video

Book - Introducing CD-I
Provides a non-technical overview of CD-i and is aimed at anyone interested in the implications of this revolutionary technology.

Book - Replacement Documentation - per set
Replacement documentation for any of products, except MediaMogul. Per set

Book - The CD-I Design Handbook
Aimed at designers with a multimedia background but no knowledge of CD-i, this book provides detailed, practical coverage of CD-i design. The different stages of CD-i design are richly illustrated with a wealth of examples.

Book - The CD-I Production Handbook
Aimed at the video and audio production teams involved in making CD-i titles, this book contains detailed examples exploring the concepts and central issues involved.

Book - The Digital Video Maker's Guide
A guide to understanding MPEG-1 including an explanation of various playback platforms and markets, the design and production process, plus how to establish a production studio and a team to run it.

Book - Three Ring Binder (8.5" x 9.5")
OptImage 3-ring binder to be used for storing and organizing Philips documentation.

Book - "Using Professional OS-9"
Reference and learning guide to CD-RTOS. It is divided into three parts: File structure and utilities available for using OS-9, Advanced utilities, and Topics of interest to system managers.

For more details and pricing, contact cdtools@cdprosupport.com or call 1-800-234-5484.

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