I am a busy person, why should I be interested in CD-i?

So why should you consider this CD-i technology, after all you are a computer guy, right? What you have to remind yourself, is that you are one of the clever ones, you are one of the elite. You have a computer, you understand computers, computers don't frighten you, maybe you even like computers. The people you are training, the people you are educating, the people you are going to inform, the people you are going to entertain, they are not all clever like you. To some of them reconfiguring an autoexec-bat, is as scary as brain surgery. Two thirds of the population in North America do not have a computer. A lot of people are intimidated by computers. But most of these people have access to a television. They like television, they are comfortable with a television. CD-i is the television based multimedia platform, it's for these people. Who are they? They are your customers, your clients, your pupils, your future job security.

You and your colleagues will still use your computers, your knowledge and skills to make the CD-i titles. But if the people who need the information on them, are more comfortable with a remote and a TV, then why not give them a remote and a TV. That's the strength of the CD-i platform. Information for ordinary people.

Are you using a computer based CD-ROM platform because it's the best solution for your clients and your company ? Or is it because you read somewhere that "CD-ROM was the in thing." Is it at least worth considering ? Could the objective you are trying to achieve with Computer based multimedia, be easier to achieve, using television based multimedia. After all it will most likely be More Reliable, it will Definitely be Easier to Use and it will Certainly be Less Expensive.

There is also an above even chance that it will be better, much better! So here's ten good reasons why you should at least find out a little more about CD-i, television based multimedia.

  • It will be easy for the user to use.
  • It will be less expensive for the Client to make.
  • The Video will look good.
  • It is a world Standard and the discs will play in any player anywhere in the world.
  • The output from the CD-i player can be recorded on a VCR.
  • The Video will look good.
  • The equipment will be very reliable.
  • It works, it's a stable platform, you can actually price a job and make money.

  • In case you missed it, the Video will really look good.. In fairness to yourself and with an eye to future job security, it may be a good idea to find out a little more about this CD-i. It's the best kept secret in Multimedia!!

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