Where is the CD-i industry now?

CD-i was introduced into the USA as a consumer product several years ago and unlike Europe, where it is very successful, in the USA, it has been slow to catch on in homes, due mainly to the fact that Americans have a lot more computers, Nintendos and Sega games machines.

The common perception is often that CD-i has not been successful, it is not unusual to read that it is in fact dead. Well that's what the computer industry want you to believe. Certainly it has not been successful in the consumer market place, but that is mainly due to how it was marketed not the platform it's self. As a professional platform for Training, Education, Sales and Marketing, CD-i is very successful and is doing very well both in North America and in Europe.

Currently CD-i player are being manufactured by several companies around the world. They have established themselves as a very reliable, simple and inexpensive way of offering Multimedia, Education, Training and POS/POI Kiosks for use by ordinary people going about their normal lives. For instance, there are several hundred companies in North America and Europe using CD-i for marketing and training on a daily basis. (See the list of CD-i users.) These companies use between them over 3,000 custom made CD-i Titles.

One single company, here in the USA has 6,000 CD-i Players, there are two companies with 3,000 players and several with over 2,000. One company has 150 private label CD-i titles, either in use or being created. Recently the Federal Government made a substantial purchase of CD-i players.

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