What about titles for CD-i?

  • Consumer Titles

  • There are over 400 Home Entertainment Titles you can buy. Over 5,000 Video CD Titles, Titles you can watch on your CD-i player in the comfort of the Family Room. Titles are available in the USA, directly from pmpro: 1-800-340 7888. Consumer titles are also obtainable in the UK from McNo: +44 (0) 1206 751143.

  • Generic Professional Titles

  • In the latest Professional catalog, there are over 400 Generic, CD-i Titles, with more than 600 different discs, Titles that you can buy and use. This catalog is available from Multimedia International (440) 349-9661.

  • Custom Professional titles

  • These titles represent by far the largest proportion of CD-i titles and are normally created for a client to serve a particular purpose. Many companies are repurposing their existing training, marketing materials onto the new Compact Discs, others are creating new and exciting titles which more fully utilize the new technologies. It is estimated that there are well over 3,000 of these titles now in daily use on CD-i players around the world. The ICDIA maintains a library of 1,600 professional CD-i titles and is in a unique position to assist and advise potential clients on the selection of a suitable developer as well as the correct platform for their training, marketing and other titles.

  • Educational Titles

  • There are many of these available from individual suppliers or from one of the two main educational catalogs: PMpro: 1-800-340 7888 in the UK from McNo: +44 (0) 1206 751143

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