So what can you do with CD-i?

  • CD-i player can play CD audio discs, Video CD titles and Photo CDs.

  • CD-i players are available as Desk top, Portable, Transportable, Professional and Kiosk models. With and without TV screens. Mains or portable power.

  • A title made on a CD-i disc can provide over an Hour of Full Motion, Full Screen Video, Compact Disc Quality Sound and Music, with total interactivity.

  • A CD-i Players can be connected to a Printer, a Telephone, a Computer, a Network, a VCR or Video Projector.

  • A CD-i Player can be controlled by an Infra-Red Remote, a Touch Screen, a Joystick, a Mouse, a Keyboard or even a Light Pen.

  • A CD-i player can read barcodes and Magnetic Strips, Transfer Data, Track and Audit Test Scores, Log User ID's.

  • A CD-i player can incorporate Motion Detection, Multi-channel Audio, Point and Click Menus, Pointerless Menus. These Menus can be Animated, Talking, Scrolling, or Pop Up menus. You can even Customize the Cursor.

    CD-i players can also

    - Use a light pen to write and draw over the top of moving video.
    - Be connected to the Web as an Internet Browser.
    - Trigger a web site to send information to update a CD-i training or marketing program.
    - Send the mouse commands by modem to control the output of slave CD-i players by long-distance remote control.
    - Interface with wireless keypads for student response and audience participation.
    - A CD-i player can be turned out with the lights and turned on again in the morning the same way.

    All these activities are predetermined by you the designer of the CD-i program. You decide what will be the outcome of each action and what will happen as a result of each choice. The beauty of the CD-i disc is that it will not do anything you did not design it to do. It is your message, your story and that story or message will be the same at the end of the day as it was at the beginning.

    It will never tell you to reconfigure your Autoexec.bat or that your Config.sys is wrong. The only Error message you may ever get is "Your Disc is Dirty, Please Clean & Replace".
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