What will it cost me to develop a CD-i title?


You can purchase a CD-i player capable of playing Full Screen Full Motion Interactive Digital Video, at a Price of less than $500.00. The only other thing you need is a TV.There is a Professional CD-i player at a price of around $1,000 dollars that can do most of the things a computer can do.There are also several portable CD-i players that allows one to stand in the middle of a field, and show Interactive Full Screen Full Motion Digital Video, for over an Hour, at a Price of less than $1,800.00 Then connect to a TV or Video Projector. An Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk, with Full Screen Full Motion Digital Video, and CD Quality Sound, is available for under $1,900.00.

Program production costs

The cost of a CD-i title will depend on the length and complexity of the subject matter, how much material is all ready available and how much video and animation is proposed. The simplest way to start is take photos of your subject and have them developed as a Photo CD. This costs only a few dollars and the photo CD will play on your CD-i player.

Next stage, take the photos into your computer, add a sound track and you have made a simple multimedia title.

If you want to use Video in your title, send your edited video to an MPEG encoding bureau who will create an MPEG Video stream. This can be part of your Video CD or CD-i production. MPEG encoding costs between $30 and $150 per minute, depending on quality required. 'One Offs' and small runs can be created using a Worm Burner, either in house or at your chosen developers. A burner cost less that $1,000 and the discs are less than $10.

Larger quantities are pressed, using a glass master. Depending on quantities, pressed discs cost from 80 cents to a few dollars. This includes the cost of a label, which can be an important part of your corporate message.

Remember they are cheaper to mail, easier to store and will last for many years.

Several of the larger companies are covering the costs of their training programs by developing training titles for their own staff which with little extra expense can be marketed as Generic training to the smaller companies within their industry. This is particularly useful in the realm of Government regulations, safety and other mandatory training.

The ICDIA is willing to advise companies on the possibilities of marketing such training programs.

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