How can I use CD-i in training?

CD-i has been particularly successful in the field of training-particularly training people without computer skills and often people who can hardly read. If you can use a remote control to operate your Television at home, you can use the same type of remote to control your CD-i Player at work.In the Western World we are learning to deal with the MTV Generation. This generation has growned up playing fast moving video games, Watching MTV and channel surfing. They were not disciplined at school, They were spoiled at home. And now somebody has to train them. Give them a sheet of printed instructions. they will not read them. Put me in front of them, with cverheads, they will not listen. Give them Training that feels and acts like a video game, Give them control of the order in which they learn and you will have them lining up during their lunch hour to train.

Whatever your problems within the training department, here are some solutions to the most common ones.

Problem 1
You need a cost effective way to put 'Just in Time', 'On the Job', 'Touch Screen' training at several work stations. The training must include video and must be interactive. It must be instinctive to use and require no training to use or install.

Use a Media Cube at each work station. Cost per station $1,999 + Program. Media cubes have a nine inch Touch Screen and will play full screen digital video.

Problem 2
You need to train a class with up to 200 students and require individual feedback in both directions. The training includes Video and you need to track scores, keep a class roster and print the results. You would like to use Multi-media.

Use 'ClassLink'. This Multi-User Wireless Interface allows up to 200 individual students to send and receive answers and help, while being trained. You need the following equipment, one large television, an Interactive Compact Disc player, a ClassLink Unit and a Radio-Frequency Keypad for each student. Total cost for the first ten students $5,000 + TV. For each additional student add $250. The only other cost is the training program on an Interactive Compact Disc.

Problem 3
You are going to train a group of individuals with very different levels of knowledge on your subject. Do you bore those with more knowledge while bringing the new ones up to speed. Do you waste the first day just getting everyone on to a level playing field? How do you know the current knowledge level before the training starts.

Make a training program called 'Basic Fundamentals of---' complete with a test and send it out, a week before, with a portable 'Interactive Compact Disc' players using FedEx ($32). Students bring the player and the Test Results to the class with them, so that the training can start at an acceptable level for all. These players have their own built in Televisions and cost $1,800 each. Anything not understood during the day can be revised, in the students own room and in their own time, using the same equipment and disc.

Problem 4
You need to simultaneously train hundreds of employees from around the country, but have no travel budgets. You would like to link all your companies training rooms around the country, to simultaneously show your training program, while being able to answer questions as though you were in the room talking to the classes. You also need to track scores and have the other classrooms communicate back to you.

Using InstructerView and a CD-i player, your Instructor working at the training center, can control the output of all the CD-i players in the outlying classes, while the instructor's voice travels over a Phone Bridge line. Control can be relinquished to the students for testing and other responses. These answers can be immediately transmitted back to the CertiView data collection software for later analysis. Up to 3,000 students can be simultaneously trained for a fraction of the normal budget.

Problem 5
You have a new product and you have to train, Management, Dealers, Salesmen and make a Sales Kiosk. But of course you only have the budget to do one.

Make an Interactive Compact Disc that uses one set of Visuals, but has a different 'Secretly Selectable' sound track for each audience. Management and Salesmen can use the $1,800 portables, while the same disc goes into a Media Kiosk cost $1,900 for dealers and clients. In-house training is done on a $500 player with a television.

Problem 6
You need 'International', 'Just in Time', 'On the Job' training for your field engineers who are computer phobic. It needs to use digital Video and be battery operated.

Use the new Portable Interactive Compact Disc Player which will operate any where in the world. On a battery, it will play Interactive Digital Video for 90 min.

Problem 7
You need to implement a Safety Training Program for low wage employees, working in dirty and difficult conditions. This project is low budget but extremely important. The personnel concerned are the MTV generation. They don't do training.

Make it a Game! Use a $500 Interactive Compact Disc Player, locked in a steel locker, with a 13" Television and controlled by a simple Thumb Mouse Game Controller.

Problem 8
You have to create a multimedia training program but don't know where to start. You need to know how much will it cost and what other 'Stuff' you will need.

Use Post'its on a large bare wall, different colors for different types of screen, menu for each screen. Write on, what each one is, 'Picture of the President' Etc. When you are satisfied, write the file name on each Post'it. Do you have it? Does it need creating?. Add up the number of each type of Post'it/screen, 'Still with Audio', 'Video', 'Menu' with 'X' branches. This is the information your developer needs to be able to price the project! Make a list of the screens you still need and add the cost of these.

Problem 9
You are going to make a training program, but you need to work with an outside developer. It would help if they had some knowledge of your industry and you could be sure that they were competent. How do you find such a developer?

Call the ICDIA, the Executive Director has a working knowledge of many Developers and knows their level of expertise. As chairman of the ICDIA Awards judges he has seen and he has examples of most developers work, both in North America and Europe. Phone (440) 349-9661 Fax (440) 349-3311

Problem 10
You have problems like this every day and you need help.

Join the IDMA and get free help from an impartial source with up to the minute information on Proven Real World Training Solutions available today. The IDMA is a non profit, volunteer association and is thus able to provide advice on training technology and other helpful ideas in an unbiased and cost effective way. Free is cost effective, right? I hope these ideas will be of help. Talk to us at

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