Why is CD-i so successful in the kiosk market?

It is not surprising that CD-i has been so successful in Kiosks, after all an Interactive Full Motion Video Kiosk with a touch screen for less than $1,900 is a fraction of the price of any Competitive Technology and has much less to go wrong. The main reasons are, Cost, Simplicity, Ability to output TV Quality Video at full screen.

Recently when I was at the IFA conference in Berlin, I was very impressed to see that, at this multimedia exhibition, one of Europe's biggest, the exhibition information kiosks were run by CD-i players. The reason, they were purchased on the bid system. Let me tell you quite frankly, if you have to bid for a kiosk program against a CD-i based system, it's all most certain you will not win. Cost will be about one third the cost of a computer based system. The bigger the screen the more you save. Large Monitors are very expensive, large Televisions are not.

People with no computer experience can install, operate and trouble shoot a CD-i -TV Kiosk system. If it goes wrong, turn it off and on and it will normally work. In Museums and Stores, for instance, where at the end of the day they just turn of the Electricity, both the Television and the CD-i player will turn off and back on again in the morning. This is more difficult to do with computers. In Dozens of Museums CD-i is the Kiosk of Choice.

A CD-i kiosk will be less expensive, easier to install and maintain and the performance will be equally as good it not better than any other type of Kiosk you my consider, if you want to use Video.

There are many CD-i Kiosk success stories, to hear about those in your particular area of concern, please call the IDMA at (440) 349 9661. I will be pleased to give you any information you need, plus help with finding the right Kiosk provider. In this case you don't have to reinvent the wheel, we have a very successful wheel and will be pleased to share it with you.

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