CD-i Technical Documentation / Software

On this page, you will find several technical documents related to CD-i software applications. Most of them are in Portable Document Format, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print them.

  • Video-CD on CD-i release 4.1

  • Philips Electronics NV - September 1995
    Product information and installation notes for the Video-CD on CD-i application release 4.1. This version was the latest official release of the Video-CD engine, especially targeted at Video-CD 2.0 discs with a PSD file. The manual describes how the application should be installed and how it can be customized.
    Download vcd_on_cdi_41.pdf (47 KB - PDF)

  • Photo-CD on CD-i 3.x Icon Menu Guide

  • Philips Electronics NV - 1992
    This document describes how to use a Photo-CD on a CD-i player, according to Philips' Photo-CD on CD-i application version 3.x. It gives full detailes on how to access all features, including the creation of custom slide shows and info on Portfolio Photo-CD discs with pre-defined sequences.
    Download pcd_on_cdi_3x.jpg (598 KB - JPEG)

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