Historical advertisements and publications

This advertisement appeared in the Daily Variety on January 18, 1990. It was published by American Interactive Media (the Philips/PolyGram joint venture that was set up to develop CD-i consumer software prior to the launch of the hardware). Purpose of the advertisement was to show what hardware companies announced support the CD-i platform, and what publishers and entertainment companies announced co-operating with AIM to publish CD-i titles.

The ad is very important because it showed the great support that was announced for CD-i by the various consumer electronics companies. From the companies listed, only Philips and Sony actually ended up selling CD-i players. Panasonic showed prototypes of a CD-i player on some fairs in 1990-1991, but never actually introduced this machine onto the market. Pioneer made a sample of a CD-i player that was only used internally. Sanyo sold professional CD-Background Music players that were based on CD-i technology.

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