Philips professional and authoring CD-i players

On this page you will find an overview of all Philips CD-i players that were especially designed for professional applications and for CD-i authoring.

Please refer to the Comparison table of all Philips professional and authoring CD-i players for an overview of differences between versions of a single player.

CDI 180/181/182
CDI 601
CDI 602
CDI 604
CDI 605
CDI 615
CDI 660
CDI 670

Philips CDI 180/181/182
Philips all time first CD-i system. Jointly developed in 1988 by Philips and Japanese Kyocera. The CDI 18x system was modular, only the CD drive (CDI 180) and the MultiMedia Controller (CDI 181) were needed to operate. The CDI 182 module could be added for authoring purposes, featuring two floppy disk drives, SCSI and parallel ports and an additional 1 MB of RAM. The system could not be extended with a Digital Video cartridge.

Philips CDI 601
First stand-alone CD-i player for professional applications. Available with a floppy disk drive as CDI 602. The system could not be extended with a Digital Video cartridge.

Philips CDI 602
Identical to the CDI 601, but equiped with a floppy disk drive for additional storage capabilities. The system could not be extended with a Digital Video cartridge.

Philips CDI 604
In essence, the CDI 604 is a CDI 602 with a CD-drawer, but this player was based upon a different PCB, and as such offers upgradability for Digital Video by a modified 9141 cartridge (removed from cartridge housing and with a different ROM).

Philips CDI 605
Designed for CD-i authoring puposes, this player featured 5 MB of RAM, SCSI, ethernet and parallel ports and additional diagnostic tools in the player shell. There were two versions, the first of which was not capable of Digital Video upgradability, the second one could be upgraded like the CDI 604.

Philips CDI 615
Professional player with floppy disk drive, parallel and AT keyboard ports and integrated Digital Video. The system was able to communicate with other CDI 615 players, especially designed for classroom applications where user data could be retreived by a central operator.

Philips CDI 660
Professional player with integrated Digital Video. The system's player shell can be adapted to individual needs by rejecting certain discs, disable playback of CD-Audio and displaying a customized message.

Philips CDI 670
The CDI 670 is called a Multimedia Control unit. In addition to the CDI 660, it offers the possibility to control a professional DVD player, and as such it combines DVD's great picture quality with CD-i's interactivity. Furthermore, it included support for Iomega's ZIP-drive.

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