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On this page, you will find official press information for various hardware and software releases. Most of them are in Portable Document Format, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print them.

  • CD-Online: The net on your set

  • Philips Media - February, 9 1996
    This press release describes the CD-online package contents and emphasises its ease of use for the home user. Offering various services through a monthly subscription the release also gives pricing for the United States and details the introduction of the package to the European mainland.
    Download cdonline.pdf (521 KB)

  • CD-i/TV combination now available with touch screen

  • Philips Media - February, 9 1996
    Promoting the CD-i/TV with the upgraded touch screen interface, this press release focuses on the professional sector where such a device could be used with point-of-sale applications in a kiosk.
    Download cd-itv.pdf (428 KB)

  • Philips Showmaster builds quick and easy CD-i presentations

  • Philips Media - February, 9 1996
    This press release announces showmaster, a tool that can be used to assemble presentations combining photographs, slides, graphics, sound and video. It boasts that a single disc can contain the equivalent of eighty 35mm carousels or over 6000 slides.
    Download showmaster.pdf (431 KB)

  • Cryo and Philips Media will bring Lost Eden to CD-i

  • Philips Media - February, 9 1996
    Announcing the adventure game Lost Eden from French developers Cryo for a CD-i release. This press release goes into extensive detail about the background information for the game.
    Download cryo.pdf (414 KB)

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