CD-i development player downloads - General utilities

On this page, you will find some utilities and applications that can be downloaded for usage on a CD-i development player. The target device for this software is the Philips CDI-605 development player, but most of the tools can also be used on other professional players like the CDI-180. Unzip the files using a regular unzip tool on the PC, then transfer the files to the CD-i player using an ethernet connection or by reading an MS-DOS formatted floppy on the CD-i player.

  • Various CD-i utilities

  • This ZIP-file contains 22 small CD-i utilties that were never officially released. It ranges from tools to display IFF images, MPEG stills and MPEG video clips to disc analyser tools, tools for copying realtime files and much more.
    Download (231 KB)

  • CDI-605 utilities

  • This archive contains all of the executables in the latest release of the CDI-605 system ROM. It does not contain other modules, like device descriptors, etc. Among them are ethernet tools like telnet and FTP. Most of these tools will probably run fine on other players, but keep in mind that some of them are CDI-605 specific (due to the requirement of other ROM files that are missing).
    Download (319 KB)

  • Mtools 3.6 for OS-9

  • Mtools are a set of utilities that let you manipulate PC files on the OS-9 shell in exactly the same way as in MS-DOS. It supports the usage of long Windows 95/98/NT/2000 filenames, which is especially usefull for CD-i developers, since the PCF (PC Filemanager) in the CD-i development players only supports 8.3 filenames. See the article I wrote about it for more information.
    Download mtools.lzh (1182 KB)
    Download (31 KB)

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