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On this page, you will find some utilities and applications to author your own CD-i titles on a PC. These tools are especially designed for CD-i developers. Note that some of these tools are 16-bit Windows 3.x applications which will sometimes work fine in Windows 95/98/NT/2000, but lack the use of long file names.

  • ShowBuilder 1.01

  • ShowBuilder is a complete Windows-based package for creating presentations with audio, stills and video on CD-i. It includes all of the necessary audio and video conversion options (except for the creation of MPEG videos). A ShowBuilder disc can be customized at runtime, i.e. the user can change the behaviour of the presentation on his CD-i player. Be carefull when writing the final disc image: the program supports only older Philips CD-Recorders. A note explaining how to use Gear to write the CD is included.
    Download showbuilder101.zip (18620 KB)

  • HAL90 1.5.2

  • HAL90 is the first High Level Authoring tool for CD-i, based on a complex scripting language called CD-i Talk. Dedicated knowledge of this language is required to use the tool. Several example scripts are included.
    Download hal90_152.zip (1525 KB)

  • Presentation CD

  • Presentation CD is in essence a (Windows 3.x) printer driver that allows you to 'print' to a CD-i disc image format. All 'pages' will be added in sequence and are combined with a CD-i application. The created file can then be burned onto a CD and played on a CD-i player. Please keep in mind that the driver only supports up to 16 colors due to a limitation in the Windows 3.x printer driver system.
    Download prescd.zip (54 KB)

  • MoguLike 1.0 Trial Version

  • MoguLike is an application for Windows 95 written by Robin Burrows of Cambridge Multimedia that lets you create MediaMogul script files on a PC without the need for a CD-i development player or board and MediaMogul. However, you still need OptImage Script2Disc to convert the script to a CD-i disc image file (not included).
    Download mogu11t.zip (180 KB)

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