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On this page, you will find some utilities and applications that enable you to access a CD-i disc and extract contents of it on a PC.

  • ISO Buster

  • ISO Buster by Peter van Hove from Belgium allows you to access a CD at sector level, bypassing all the limitations of the regular Windows filesystem. Best of all, ISO Buster can read CD-i discs as well, it evens displays CD-i filenames. Then, you can extract data on several ways: only data, a raw sector dump including all headers, or just Mode 2/Form 2 sectors, which contain media information. In this way, your extracted data will not contain any program data that was interleaved in the stream using Form 1 sectors. Besides CDs, ISO Buster also reads CD disc image files from a harddisk.
    Refer to www.ISObuster.com for latest versions.

  • CD-i Filesystem Driver 2.0 (Beta) for Windows 95/98/Me

  • This great piece of software by Vahur Sinijarv from Estonia allows you to read the contents of any CD-i disc in Windows 95, 98 or Me (not suitable for Windows 2000 or XP). You can see all file names contained on it, you might have a look in text files that are available, and best of all: you can play realtime MPEG audio and video files! This works fine with all CD-i movie discs, but also with other CD-i titles such as games. For more information about the possibilities and limitations, please refer to the article I wrote about this software. This archive also contains the program sources. Note: This is not a CD-i emulator! You cannot run CD-i titles on your PC, it just allows you to view its contents.
    This software will not work with Windows NT-based systems (like XP). NT-version is not planned. Download cdifs20b.zip (90 KB)

  • Media Raider 1.3

  • Media Raider from Etymonix is a tool that can extract MPEG data from CD-i discs among others. The tool has very few manual setting options and does not support the CD-i filesystem, so you cannot select a specific file to extract the video from. It can only be used on a selection of CD-i (movie) discs. Only use this tool if the CD-i Filesystem Driver for Windows or ISO Buster do not work.
    Download mraid130.exe (964 KB)

  • Tonigy
  • (for OS/2)
    Tonigy is a filesystem replacement for CDs that can be used in OS/2. It allows for easy accessing of various types of CDs (such as Audio-CDs and Video-CDs), and it also includes integrated support for CD-i. Tonigy automatically detects form 1 (data) and form 2 (audio/video) sectors, and supports the CD-i filesystem.
    Refer to www.tonigy.com for downloads.

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