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On this page, you will find some tools to create CD+G (CD+Graphics) discs. Although CD+G is not part of the CD-i specification, allmost all CD-i players can display the graphics information of a CD+G disc on the TV screen (all professional players in the CDI 180 and CDI 6xx series, except CDI 615, can not display CD+G). For more information about CD+G, refer to What is CD+Graphics? in the FAQ. Please note: you need a CD-Recorder capable of writing subcode to write CD+G data. Only some recorders support this!

  • Dart Karaoke Studio CD+G

  • Powerfull tool to create Karaoke-music CDs with CD+Graphics. The tool can eliminate voices from stereo audio recordings, and allows you to add lyrics and a startup graphic to each audio track. Includes a CD-recording application to write the finished CD+G project.
    Download dart_karaoke_studio_cdg.zip (12 MB)

  • CD+G Creator 0.1 Beta

  • This tool by Erik Deppe from Belgium allows you to add a still picture to each track of a CD-Audio disc, according to the CD+G (CD+Graphics) specification. You can then write this track using for example CDRWin.
    Download cdgcreator_01.zip (179 KB)

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