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On this page, you will find some tools to create Video-CD 2.0 discs. Since CD-i compatibility is a mandatory requirement of the Video-CD specification, all discs created with these tools can be used on a CD-i player, provided that it is equiped with a Digital Video cartridge.

Note: I do not provide support on these Video-CD tools. You might want to refer to other Video-CD support sites, see below for more info.

  • Video-CD 2.0 Toolkit 1.0

  • This is the classic Video-CD 2.0 authoring software from Philips Media/OptImage. Due to its compatibility issues (it was designed to run under Windows 3.1 and it only supports for a limited choice of CD-recording tools and CD-recorders), and its lack of support (there haven't been any updates since its initial release in 1996), Video-CD 2.0 Toolkit has not been sold anymore for a while.

    Nevertheless, Video-CD 2.0 Toolkit is a very powerfull tool to create discs that support ALL of the features offered by the Video-CD 2.0 specification, such as still pictures, PCM and MPEG audio, MPEG moving video, menus, closed captioning, random menu selections and timeout menus. A Video-CD 2.0 compatible CD-i application is included by default.

    To write a disc image created with Video-CD 2.0 Toolkit using CDRWin, Nero, Gear or other popular recording tools, an updated version of Robin Burrows' TOCSplit 1.2 is included in the archive.

    A very comprehensive tutorial about using Video-CD 2.0 Toolkit with popular MPEG encoders and CD burning software can be found at VCDHelp.com. This info is very up-to-date and will provide you with all the info to sucessfully burn a Video-CD 2.0 disc using the Toolkit.

    Additional information about using Video-CD 2.0 Toolkit can be found in the PMpro support site archive. Specific info about writing disc images, including an alternative split utility that supports the usage of WinOnCD, is also available here.

    Download vcd2tk.zip - Video-CD 2.0 Toolkit 1.0 (incl. TOCSplit 1.2) (2926 KB)
    Download tocs12.zip - TOCSplit 1.2 for CDRWin, Nero, Gear and others - (73 KB)

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