Promotional videos about the CD-i system

Here you will find some promotional videos of the CD-i system.

All videos are in MPEG-1 format, so they can be viewed on a PC using for example Media Player, or they can be converted into a Video-CD and played back on a CD-i player. Due to the large size of these files, we recommend you to use a download manager that allows for the resuming of broken download sessions.

  • I Want One

  • Size: 33.2 MB - 03'20"
    Released by Philips Media UK
    Download iwantone.mpg

  • CD-i Digital Video Promotion

  • Size: 43.8 MB - 04'23"
    Released by Philips Interactive Media of America
    Download dvpromotion.mpg

    These videos were supplied by The CD-i Collective and are proudly hosted by the New International CD-i Association.

    All videos: © Copyright Philips Media - All rights reserved
    These videos are only supplied for educational purposes.

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