MediaMogul Articles

Technical Data on CD-i Video/Audio Formats: CLUT
Run Length

Diagnostic Related Articles:

Emulating or Playing a CD from CD-RTOS
Easy Way to View Mogul.log

General Articles:

Starting MediaMogul without the CD
Optimizing MediaMogul Performance
How MediaMogul Uses a CLUT for Special Effects
Editing MediaMogul Script Files in a Text Editor
ADPCM & MPEG Audio Volume Discrepensies and the Cure
How the VOLUME Command Works in MediaMogul and DV Plug-in
Player types and ADPCM Volume anomalies
How Ears Hear
Return After Branch Requires Menu with Wait
Cursor Gravity in MediaMogul 2.2/2.2.1
Hotspots with no action
Printing from CD-i Players
script2disc and Master compatibility with Windows versions
MediaMogul Script Commands list
Clut Cycling over a static background
Recording VCD and CD-i Disc Images in Windows 95/NT with Gear or WinOnCD.
Tech Note: Using an OS-9 command shell on a terminal, while running a CD-i application under emulation or from a CD
Tech Note: Diagnostic techniques used with secondary shell running
Tech Note: Checking Memory usage and Processes while testing a title under emulation
Tech Note: Replacing the standard MediaMogul "click" sound

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