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MediaMogul Plug-in Memory Usage

We've had a number of requests to publish memory usage information about our MediaMogul Plug-ins. This information is especially important if your title must run on a player without a DV cartridge, which severely limits the memory available for plug-ins to 212Kbytes.

For any plug-in module, the FIXED memory requirement can be determined within 2Kbytes or so, using the OS-9 ident command. An ident of plug-in cdi_sgmn reveals:

CD-i>ident cdi_sgmn
Header for: cdi_sgmn
Module size: $1A5E #6750
Owner 0.0
Module CRC: $8C5E41 Good CRC
Header Parity: $2AC3 Good Parity
Edition: $190 #400
Ty/La At/Rev $101 $8013
Permission: $555 e-r-e-r
Exec off: $52 #82
Data size: $E1A #3610
Stack size: $C00 #3072
Init. data off: $18F4 #6388
Dat ref. off: $1A42 #6722
Prog Mod, 68000 obj, Sharable    

To get total FIXED memory usage, add the Module size, Data size, and Stack size.
In this case: 6750 + 3610 + 3072 = 13432 bytes.

Listing of common plug-in memory usages:
Plug-in Fixed Memory Dynamic Memory
cdi_sgmn 13K 500bytes (program data)
cdi_cnss 14K  
cdi_dmr 15K  
cdi_irrm 23K size of hotspot data file created by makeiff
cdi_ptls 15K  
cdi_tlkm 16K total size of sound files created by makeiff, that are loaded for the largest (sound-wise) menu.
cdi_dv 43K 140K for MPEG buffers
cdi_dvpl 25K  
cdi_hscr 30K size of scroll bar image (width x height = bytes) + 500 bytes for program data.
cdi_menm 12K 500 bytes for program data
cdi_sv 9K size of string variables (number of variables x allocated length)
cdi_svbr 22K  
cdi_svdu 10K  
cdi_svstr 20K  
cdi_unlk 9K  
cdi_virt 21K size of scroll bar image (width x length = bytes)
cdi_popm 29K sizes of foreground and background pop-up images
cdi_pops 13K  
cdi_qhyh 17K  
cdi_qhyz 31K 39K for read buffer
cdi_rlhs 17K  
cdi_rlvs 17K  
cdi_rlan 19K  

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