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Tech Note : TT-6



How MediaMogul and Script2Disc 2.1 handle Call and Call_bg commands in scripts.


Terminology -

MM -
s2d -
Call -
start foreground process in OS-9
Call_bg -
start background process in OS-9
Module -
any file having the appropriate header and internal data arrangement required by OS-9
Executable Module -
any OS-9 file that can be run as a subroutine or program. This includes Plugin items in the SUBROUTINES directory, utilities in the CMDS directory, etc.

OS-9 is a multitasking system, meaning it can run many programs, or what it calls PROCESSES, at the same time. In a broad sense, BACKGROUND processes are those that don't require attention from the person at the keyboard/display (like programs that update the time, or mouse drivers that monitor the mouse, etc.). FOREGROUND processes DO hold captive the display and keyboard (like word processors, spread sheets...). Foreground processes can be moved to the background (like when re-calculating a spreadsheet), or background processes moved to the foreground (like when you want the time and date).

MediaMogul can start other foreground processes (Call) or background processes (Call_bg) from within scripts. The rules are:

  1. If a Call is executed, it becomes foreground, MediaMogul background.
  2. If a Call_bg is executed, it goes to the background, MediaMogul stays in the foreground.
  3. MediaMogul regulates background processes to assure multiple copies of the same module are not running SIMULTANEOUSLY.

For example, you cannot (should not) have two copies of cdi_display_strvar (displays string variables) running simultaneously in the background and fighting for the display. MediaMogul would start the first one, wait for it to finish, then start the second one. Both would be run in the background.


MediaMogul and Script2Disc have changed their Call and Call_bg handling slightly in version 2.1.

**** Generalities ****

**** Call commands ****

**** Call_bg commands ****


An example to explain the last two points:

	00:00 Dissolve    /h0/VIDEO/marina.d  2:00

	00:00 Play	  /h0/AUDIO/cool_storm.cm  00:00  00:00

	00:00 Call_bg     /h0/SUBROUTINES/dir >/term

	00:00 Call_bg     /h0/SUBROUTINES/dir >/term

	00:00 Call_bg     /h0/SUBROUTINES/dir >/term

	03:00 Br_alwys_nr /h0/SCRIPTS/help.scr

Below is chart illustrating the various actions, and the order (but not time at which) they occur. The only noticeable interference the foreground process will likely receive from the background processes is to when the Br_alwys_nr happens. If the dir processes take a lot of time to complete (directory of entire /h0), the branch may be delayed way past 03:00. MediaMogul will not allow the branch to occur until the LAST background dir has BEGUN. The last dir can continue listing to the terminal during and even after the next script has begun.


--------------------------------------    ----------------------------------

Call_bg     /h0/SUBROUTINES/dir >/term	Dissolve    /h0/VIDEO/marina.d

Call_bg     /h0/SUBROUTINES/dir >/term	Play	    /h0/AUDIO/cool_storm.cm

Call_bg     /h0/SUBROUTINES/dir >/term	Br_alwys_nr /h0/SCRIPTS/help.scr

In its background queue, MediaMogul WAITS until one dir process has completed before issuing the next Call_bg to dir. The Dissolve and Play will begin in the foreground together as scheduled.

Remember that MediaMogul is managing both a background process queue and foreground processes SIMULTANEOUSLY (like chewing gum and walking).

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