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Recent History of Master

4.1.1: this was the first version capable of handling MPEG.

4.1.2: this version was cranked out in a hurry to handle Karaoke CD1.0 spec. It saw limited/restricted distribution - on a as-is basis.

4.1.3: this version cleaned up the worst of 4.1.2 problems, and even some 4.1.1 problems, and was be White Book 1.1 compliant.

4.2: White Book 1.1 support. Eliminates the nuisance of the delta file. Obsolete and superceded keywords made illegal or optional; new script syntax.

The "delta_file from " syntax is obsolete and ignored by 4.2 and became alien syntax (read: will stop with an error) in subsequent rev. of vcdmaster.

"non_real_time" has been added as an alternative to "real_time mpeg" streams. This option defeats the sectorization of the mpeg data as normally prescribed by the SCR values in the data.

4.2 release of master and vcdmaster take the scrambled state of a rtf into consideration when including it in the disc image.

\ final disc \ rtf \ scrambled | unscrambled -------------------------------------- scrambled | no change | unscramble | | unscrambled | scamble | no change | |
Also, vcdmaster 4.2 did support chapter marks through the .pkl file mechanism. The problem was that there was no simple method to connect a byte offset in the .pkl with a real-live-timecode.

4.3: vcdmaster 4.3 allowed chapter marks to be identified using smpte timecodes in the master script. Integrated Philips scan-list generation capability (generates the scan list as the a/v sequence is copied into image).

4.3.1: Bugs repaired, no new features.

4.3.2: A few bug fixes.

4.4: Most current version. PC, Mac only. White Book 2.0, Windows 95/NT compatible.

Note: There have been some instances where obscure features have been broken in new releases. For example, the internal (included in green file as pre-amble) entrypoint data feature was broken between 4.1 and 4.2. As far as we know, all the "obscure" features in 4.4 are 100% operational. If you rely upon some obscure feature, especially a undocumented feature, we recommend that you build an image with 4.4, and test the result before you delete each and every copy of the previous version.

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