Delta Vc (PC based) MPEG-1 Encoder

DeltaVc          DeltaV

Delta Vc is a realtime MPEG-1 video and audio compression system that includes interactive design and mastering tools.

Hardware includes Pentium-based PC with hard drive, floppy and CD-ROM drives, keyboard, mouse and cables.

Software includes system software and Windows, Motion Media, Video CD authoring software, CD recording software, single-brand unlimited Video CD license.

Video Formats:   25 fps (PAL)     29.97 fps (NTSC)
Video Input: Analog:composite, Y/C(S-video),  component Y, R-Y, B-Y (Analog Betacam), RGB, MII

Digital: Serial Component Digital (D1)

Video Compression Resolution: SIF 352x240 at 29.97 or 23.976 fps,  352x288 at 25 fps
Bitrates: All ISO 11172-2 (4 Mbps max)
Video Output: Composite, Y/C (S-video)
Audio Input: Unbalanced stereo analog -10dBv (variable)
Audio Compression Modes: mono, stereo, dual channel, joint stereo
Bitrates: All ISO 11172-3 rates (32kbs to 384kbs)
Audio Output: Stereo analog unbalanced (-10dBv)
Audio/Video Multiplexing (PINK) Video CD, CD-i, multi-bitstream

Video CD mastering software (VCD Toolkit)
Disc Format: Philips/JVC White Book
Up to 72 minutes of digital video with stereo audio
Up to 98 MPEG clips per disc

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