Last Updated: Aug. 18, 2007.

This is a mirror of the former CD-I Dev Research website
which was located at

The contents of this mirror are accurate as of late 2008 when the site was taken offline.
A simplified version of the Frog Feast source code has been added. (Added 8/18/2007)
A better linking example program has been added. (Added 3/22/2005)
Got an assembly example working. (Added 2/22/2005)
Got an example working. (Added 2/20/2005)
Got libraries to properly link.
Compiled my first source code.
Received Rise of the Robots CD today.
Got this site up!

A simplified version of the Frog Feast source code. (CDoty)
This is the simplified source code for Frog Feast for the CD_i. All of the routines, except audio playback, are included.
The source code demonstrates using the CD-RTOS for game development on the CD-I system.
A better linking example program. (CDoty)
This is a new version of the working example. I've fixed the linking to allow more libraries and source files.
An assembly example program. (CDoty)
This is the Hello program rewritten in assembly.
It is basically the assembly output of the compiler reformatted and cleaned up, and will serve as the basic for more advanced examples.
A working example program. (CDoty)
This shows a picture on the CD-I. The included Readme.txt file describes compiling and running the program.
A Linking example program. (CDoty)
This links 'correctly' to the libraries, I believe. I've linked to the debug libraries and enabled debugging messages.
The program eventually ends up complaining about some BPSYS stuff when calling vs_init().
A Hello example program. (CDoty)
It's not quite a hello world program. :)
To run the program, create a CMDS subdirectory on a PC formatted floppy.
Setup the path for the OS-9 compiler.
Type 'mk' to compile the code.
Type 'cp' to copy the executable to the floppy.
On the CD-I, open a shell prompt.
Type 'chx /pcd0h/CMDS'
Type 'cdi_new'
Stare in amazement at the 'Hello!' text. (Optional) :)

Nothing yet!

Nothing yet!

Nothing yet!

The Black Moon Project website. Contain information, reviews, etc for the CD-I. If you want to know something about the CD-I or the software, it's probably here.
Zophar's CD-I emulator list. This is a place to download CD-Ice, the only known working CD-I emulator.

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