MediaMogul CD-i title development software versions 2.1, 2.2 and 2.2.1. OS-9, Mac and PC platforms. Includes scripting hints, examples and title troubleshooting articles.

script2disc and master/VCDmaster
script2disc and master disc building software for OS-9, SunOS Unix, Mac, and PC platforms. Includes tips for more efficient disc building, improving title performance, partial title building and emulation diagnostics.

MediaMogul Plug-ins
All Philips Media sourced and some Interactive Resources sourced plug-ins for MediaMogul, all platforms. Supplement articles for many plug-ins available here.

CDI Playback
Mac and PC driver & application software for the I2M CD-i authoring cards. Technical information, connector pinouts and troubleshooting hints.

ShowMaster / ShowBuilder
CD-i slide and MPEG presentation development software, PC Windows only. Hints and troubleshooting.

CD-i Fonts
Creating and using fonts in MediaMogul and Balboa applications.

CD-i Hardware
CD-i consumer, commercial and development players, I2M CD-i authoring cards and emulation computers. Technical data, pinouts, troubleshooting and cabling diagrams.

Audio & Video Conversions to CD-i
Specifications and methods for converting Audio and Video materials for use in MediaMogul and ShowMaster titles.

Most Recent Hardware and Software Version Listing
Firmware, software, module version and revision status.

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