Balboa CD-i programming libraries, version 4.1. Articles and code fragments.

CD-i Binding Libraries
The libraries themselves and related articles.

CD-i Internet Toolkit
API library for modem mamagement, SLIP, PPP, POP3, HTML, TCP/IP communication. Web browser, Email, Newsgroup and FTP modules available. NOT A MEDIAMOGUL PLUG-IN.

OS-9 Cross Compilers
Articles on OS-9/CD-i code compiling for Sun, OS-9 and PC platforms.

Non-Intrusive Real-time Debugger
Diagnostic techniques and articles for the hardware debugging cartridge.

CD-i Fonts
Creating and using fonts in MediaMogul and Balboa applications.

CD-i Hardware
CD-i consumer, commercial and development players, I2M CD-i authoring cards and emulation computers. Technical data, pinouts, troubleshooting and cabling diagrams.

Audio & Video Conversions to CD-i
Specifications and methods for converting Audio and Video materials for use in MediaMogul and ShowMaster titles.

Related Articles

History of "master"
Recording VCD and CD-i Disc Images in Windows 95/NT with Gear or WinOnCD.

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