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Here you will find some links to other CD-i related websites. Please note that these are all links to third-party sites, the ICDIA is not responsible for their contents.

  • CD-i Emulator
    CD-i Fans CD-i Emulator is a windows compatible emulator for the Philips CD-i system. The emulator is hardware based and requires a CD-i players ROM (BIOS) in order to function. Full details about how to upload the ROM from the CD-i player to your PC is described on the website. Currently a time limited demo of the emulator is freely available for testing purposes with your ROM. The unlimited edition can be purchased for 25 Euros with free future updates for the base case version.

  • CeDImu on GitHub
    CeDImu is an experimental Philips CD-I emulator being written by Stovent. This GitHub project contains the current sources; the project is still in a very early development stage. CeDImu uses wxWidgets and compiles on multiple platforms.

  • ISO Buster
    Peter van Hove's ISO Buster is a very nice tool, designed to browse trough CDs (or CD disc image files without the need to burn them onto a CD), and best of all: it supports the CD-i filesystem, so you can browse trough the contents on a CD-i disc and extract MPEG audio and video.
    Also works with Windows NT based systems (like XP), and therefore it is a very suitable alternative to the CD-i Filesystem Driver for Windows 95/98/Me.

  • The Black Moon Project
    This site's goal is to investigate all consumer software titles that have been released for CD-i. The site includes numerous reviews and some interviews.

  • Interactive Dreams
    This site aims to be a warmhearted place all dedicated to the Philips CD-i. With attention to detail and quality, 2019 should see the rise of CD-i as a Retrogaming platform.

  • CD-i Bits
    Random musings and info bits about the CD-i related activities of CD-i Fan, the author of CD-i Emulator.

  • The World of CD-i
    Originally Le Monde du CD-i, this site has recently been reborn. Includes a large encyclopedia of CD-i titles, featured articles and interviews and a community forum. The Open Source Project section includes chapters on Hardware Repair and Development and a chapter on CD-i Title Development.

    This website contains information and projects about many retro game consoles and other technology. The Philips CD-i section contains lots of CD-i investigation and modification topics.

  • Home Computer Museum
    This is the website of the Home Computer Museum in the city of Helmond, the Netherlands. Since 2020, the entire ICDIA CD-i Software Archive collection is available to the general public at this museum. The museum staff is able to demonstrate specific titles on request; there are also hundreds of other devices on display.

  • Super Quartet on GitHub
    Super Quartet is a game written by Gameblala. This GitHub project contains the current sources. His personal website mentions the game as Killminds.

  • Super Fighter Team
    This site is the online home of Super Fighter Team: devoted developer of new video games for classic consoles and computers, founded in 2004.

  • PMpro support site - former
    Official archive mirror of the former Philips/OptImage/PMpro CD-i authoring support website that was located at Contains hundreds of technical documents about CD-i authoring hardware and software products.

  • CD-i Dev Research Site - former
    Archive mirror of the former CD-i Dev Research website that was located at The contents of this mirror are accurate as of late 2008 when the site was taken offline. The site contains a simplified version of the Frog Feast source code and a number of simple examples of compiling / assembling / linking CD-i programs.

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