CD-i Disc Images downloads

On this page, you will find several CD-i programs in Disc Image format. All files include a cue-sheet that can be used in conjuction with CDRWin.

  • CD-i'nterlink

  • With CD-i'nterlink you can view the contents of any file that is stored in NV-RAM directly on your CD-i player, but best of all it offers the possibility to transfer files from a CD-i player to a PC or vice versa using the X-Modem or Z-Modem protocols! Refer to Can I transfer data from the CD-i to my PC? in the FAQ for more information.
    Download (380 KB)

  • CDI 660/670 Keydisc

  • With this disc, you can customize the startup message of the CDI 660 and CDI 670 player, disable the playback of certain CD-i or CD-Audio discs, and set the player's startup delay time. Please note that this disc can only be used in conjuction with the CDI 660 and CDI 670 players! Refer to How can I enter the features of the CDI 660/670 key-disc? in the FAQ for more information.
    Download (6321 KB)

  • CD-i Stub 0.5.1

  • CD-i Stub developed by CD-i Fan can be used in conjunction with CD-i link from the same author to initiate communication between a PC and CD-i player with a nullmodem cable. Included alongside the disc image format of the program you will find a larger file including sources and the CD-i Link executable. Refer to CD-i Nullmodem Cable Specification and CD-i Link for more information.
    Download (14 KB)
    Download (141 KB)

  • CDISC 4 Freeware

  • This disc contains a wealth of tools and information for CD-i developers; sources are included for many of the tools. It was originally distributed to CD-i developers attending the fourth CDISC developer conference in 1993. The disc contains a CD-i demo application; to extract the developer files you need a CD-i disc image reading program, e.g. IsoBuster.
    Download (254 MB)

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