PC/Windows Downloads - CD-i communication tools

On this page, you will find some utilities and applications that enable you to access a CD-i player and extract contents of it on to a PC.

  • CD-i Link 0.5.2

  • Developed by CD-i Fan, the CD-i Link program (cdilink) communicates with a CD-i player over a serial connection. The communication uses the "stub" protocol, in some cases you need to use an actual CD-i disc containing the cdi_stub to initiate this program. Used with a serial connection through a CD-i nullmodem cable this program allows you to upload the system ROMs from a CD-i player to a PC for use with the CD-i emulator, but you can also upload or download other files and display information about the CD-i player. This allows you to inspect and modify the contents of the player NVRAM (e.g., highscore files) and to inspect the contents of CD-i discs. Refer to CD-i Nullmodem Cable Specification and CD-i Stub for more information.
    Download cdilink-0.5.2.zip (74 KB)

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