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Section 0. About this CD-i FAQ

0.1 What's the goal of this CD-i FAQ?
This FAQ was initially published in 2000, with a substantial upgrade made to it in 2020. It was written to answer the many questions that are still being asked about the Compact Disc Interactive system. Its aim is to explain what CD-i is, for what applications it was used, how its technology works, what player devices were available, what the different disc types mean and how CD-i authoring worked. Furthermore it addresses some questions regarding connecting a CD-i player to a computer and how to use/emulate CD-i on other platforms.

The 2020 update was made as the result of a rise in interest in the CD-i platform within the retro computing and gaming world, and it addresses the current state of affairs of CD-i. Furthermore, the FAQ was adapted to accomodate comparisons and interoperability with current technologies.

Most of all, the author intends for this FAQ to serve as a tribute to what he considers one of the most exciting and influential platforms in consumer electronics history.

0.2 Who wrote it and who maintains it?
This CD-i FAQ was written by Jorg Kennis. Jorg was involved from an early age with several projects within Philips Interactive Media Systems, including evaluation and testing of new CD-i hardware products, starting during the format's early development period around 1989. Jorg founded the New International CD-i Association around 1999 and started this web site. Around that time he worked at Philips doing research into the transition of professional CD-i towards DVD and Web. Spanning a period of 20 years, Jorg also built the ICDIA CD-i Software Archive, consisting of over 1,500 titles, which is now available to the public in a museum in the Netherlands.

Professionally, Jorg is active in business development and marketing of technology standards. He worked on DVD+RW, Blu-ray Disc and various codecs and content distribution formats for Philips. Currently, his main focus is professional IoT and connectivity standards. Visit Jorg's website for more information.

0.3 Who contributed information?
This FAQ is based on the knowledge that was shared with the author by many people, mostly within Philips Interactive Media Systems in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, over the period from the system's early development stage until its retirement. These people include Gerard Smelt, Frans Speijer, Peer Custers, Loek Sanders, Cees Dekkers, Cor Luijks, Buddy Neyaert and many others.

During the active CD-i years, the author shared his love for the system with his friends Bart van den Heuvel, Stefan Peters and Wouter Robers, and he met other CD-i enthousiasts online, including Bo Raun Nielsen en Stephane Cazat. During the period of the renewed interest in CD-i, he befriended new CD-i enhousiasts like Sebastiaan Batenburg (of Interactive Dreams) and 'CD-i Fan' (the author of the CD-i Emulator). All those people contributed to the information that somehow found their way into this FAQ.

0.4 How can I contact the author?
This site and its FAQ is maintained under the CDinteractive network of hosted CD-i sites. This FAQ is still being maintained by Jorg Kennis, the rest of the ICDIA web site is actively maintained and expanded by 'CD-i Fan'.

For questions related to everything CD-i, please use the public forums and discussion boards as ountlined on the E-mail & Contact page. For questions about this site, or to provide contributions, you may contact the maintainer via If you want to specifically contact the author of this FAQ, refer to the contact details at his web site.

0.5 What's the official status of this FAQ?
The contents of this FAQ are accurate to the best of knowledge from the author. However, he nor the other people involved with this site and its sister projects will be accountable for issues that might be the result from possible inaccuracies. This FAQ is not endorsed by Philips nor any other company or organization.

0.6 Can I republish contents from this FAQ?
We would love for anyone to share parts of this FAQ, or include its information in new articles and other content. Spread the word on CD-i! However, if you do so please include a proper credit line, including the name ("ICDIA") and URL ("") of this site.

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