CD-i FAQ 2000 Edition

Section 0. About this CD-i FAQ

0.1 What's the goal of this CD-i FAQ?
This FAQ has been written in early 2000 to answer most of the questions that are still being asked by a lot of people about the Compact Disc Interactive system. There are other sites and FAQ lists about CD-i available on the web, but most of them are incomplete or even contain inaccurate information. This FAQ tries to clear up most of the myths about CD-i that go around. Furthermore, it is a tribute to what I feel is the most important new technology that was ever introduced onto the multimedia market.

0.2 Who wrote it and who maintains it?
This CD-i FAQ was written by Jorg Kennis. Jorg closely followed the CD-i development process during the late 80s and 90s and was actively involved in demonstrating the system for Philips in The Netherlands in the early 90s. Furthermore, he wrote articles about CD-i for various magazines and web sites, he created CD-i software and he wrote evaluations and recommendations for Philips' new CD-i hardware and software products. Today, Jorg is responsible for keeping the New International CD-i Association web site at online for archival purposes.

0.3 Who helped along the sidelines?
This CD-i FAQ could never have been written if it weren't for dozens of people who shared their knowledge with me over the past years. Of course there were the guys and girls at Philips Interactive Media Systems in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, who introduced me to the system. Among them were Gerard Smelt, Frans Speijer, Peer Custers, Loek Sanders and many others. And then of course there are two close friends of me, Stefan Peters and Wouter Robers, which whom I discovered nearly all of CD-i's great features in the early years. Over the years, I met a lot of other passionated CD-i enthousiasts, who shared my love for the system. We mainly used the Internet to discuss the system and its features. Among those guys were Bo Raun Nielsen from Denmark and Stephane Cazat from France. This FAQ was also inspirated by an early version of the CD-i FAQ once made by Erik Eiselstadt, and the CD-i FAQs from Philips Interactive Media of America and the International CD-i Association. My warm thanks to all of you!!

0.4 How can I contact the author?
This site and its FAQ is maintained under the CDinteractive network of hosted CD-i sites. Its contents will remain available for archiving purposes. No new additions will be added. Please do not contact me with any CD-i questions. My e-mail address "jorg at kennisonline dot com" is only provided here for administrational/technical purposes.

When you are looking for a place to discuss CD-i or ask questions, please refer to the various
discussion boards and news groups available on the net.

0.5 What's the official status of this FAQ?
There is none! This FAQ is entirely non-official. It is not endorsed nor supported by Philips or any other company. All of the opinions mentioned in the FAQ are solely mine. I do not garantee correctness, nor will I be responsible for any consequences occured from the usage of information in this FAQ.

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