CD-i Technical Documentation / PIM Technical Notes

On this page, you will find technical notes released by Philips Interactive Media on a variety of subjects concerning CD-i. Most of them are in Portable Document Format, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print them.


  • Software Sprites in CD-i
    Alty van Luijt - January 23, 1991
    Architecturally, CD-i is not very similar to a "game machine". Characteristics, such as sprites and collision detection, are not supported by the hardware. Yet CD-i's powerful graphics capabilities, relatively powerful CPU, two-plane video display architecture, built-in, run-length logic and superior audio circuitry - all under the control of a real-time operation system - can provide substantial functionality in the domain of action games, albeit at a different level of coding sophistication.
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  • Technical Status of the Philips 910 CD-i Player
    van Luijt, Alty - PIMA
    In the current state of CD-i players, many of the older problems have been resolved, and a very workable situation has been achieved. However, a number of issues remain in which the actual available implementations deviate from Green Book definitions, where Green Book definitions are somewhat ambiguous, or where timing aspects play a role. This note describes some of the issues that need to be taken into account and suggests workarounds whenever possible. The notion of a workaround implies that the suggested solution is always compatible. That is, discs that utilize these workarounds will work well on future players, even after the player bugs have been fixed or timing constraints have been relaxed.
    No revisions.
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  • Differences between the Philips 18x and 605 Development Platforms
    Charles Golvin - April 16, 1992
    This note summarizes the major differences between the Philips 18x and 605 development platforms. This note is based on revision 1.1 of the 605 ROM.
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